Your business’ needs are unique to you and can vary depending on industry, business cycle or federal and state regulations. Part of what makes us Someplace Better are the Sheboygan County Chamber’s Roundtables – they provide a structured, confidential environment in which to discuss challenges, examine economic trends impacting your business and build relationships and communication skills with a network of supportive peers.

Our roundtables are led by a certified PeerSpectives® facilitator, ensuring that each meeting is confidential and remains focused on the agenda and its goals.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Roundtable participation is included with your Chamber membership. Explore the many ways our Roundtable meetings provide support and answer your company’s specific business needs. Sponsored by: Prevea and Holy Family Memorial.

To learn more about Roundtables please email John Rogers.

Roundtables Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce
Business Owners Success Strategies (BOSS):

Specifically for business owners with 1 – 25 employees. Sometimes, you’re the only person in your company who can relate to certain situations – in this group, BOSSes from other similar-sized businesses support you with ideas and suggestions.

CFO, Controller, Internal Control Manager:

Topics that directly impact your business like strategic vs. tactical planning, federal and state finance rules, internal audits and risk assessment are discussed in a confidential, informative manner. Gives a fresh perspective to all financial officers.

HR Managers:

Tackle hiring and sourcing challenges with fresh perspective! Get creative solutions for sourcing and employee needs. This peer-to-peer roundtable is specifically for HR managers, also open to members of Sheboygan Area SHRM.


Peers in the same field meet to collaborate on marketing and communication issues from new collateral design to strategies and market analysis. These confidential meetings give business peers the opportunity to speak freely, share solutions and creativity.


Members act as resources, offering support and knowledge to share concerns and provide solutions unique to the needs of the nonprofit industry.

Operations Managers:

Technology transfer between the most innovative manufacturers within Sheboygan County. Discussions focus on relevant issues facing today’s manufacturing businesses.


In this unique format, the group determines a topic of discussion, generates ideas and solutions and shares the results. Open to all involved in safety operations. Sponsored by Rockline Industries.


Professionals who implement sales programs and assume responsibility for the results face a unique set of challenges. Risks can be uncertain and decisions are often made in isolation. Our peer-to-peer group offers a chance to brainstorm and develop results that work.

Strategic Sourcing:

Peers in the same field meet to collaborate on issues like examining supplier relationships and achieving cost reductions while improving quality and service. These confidential meetings give business peers the opportunity to speak freely and share solutions.

Worksite Wellness:

Implementing a successful wellness program can be challenging, but the results enable your employees to grow and thrive. Peers bring their own experiences to offer support and solutions. Sponsored by: Aurora Health Care

Testimonial for Nonprofit Roundtable:

I attend the round tables for networking opportunities and best practice sharing. I leave feeling energized and relieved I am not the only one experiencing many of the same issues as many of my associates from other area businesses. The information gained at these roundtables in many cases is immediately relevant and useful. I believe that by holding the roundtables at the various companies this provides a very valuable opportunity to get a view from others on opportunities.” – Bill Scheidt, HS&E Manager, Rockline Industries

Testimonial for Safety Managers’ Roundtable:

I feel encouraged to know that I’m not the only person facing issues with training, funding, and gaining compliance throughout my organization. The sharing of local contacts or sources is invaluable.” - Greg Bierman, Environmental and Safety Coordinator, Lakeland University

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